• In-school services

    In-school services

    We can help you organise a workshop in your school. Our workshop leaders can come to your school and provide bespoke training and consultancy. There are great advantages to this form of 'unofficial' professional development. 

    • It's economical.
    • It's tailor made and targeted to your school's needs.
    • It brings colleagues together to share best practice. 


    To request an in-school workshop or consultancy, please send an email to brad@philpoteducation.com. In your email please describe the nature and scope of the service that you have in mind. Include information on the following:

    • the target audience (students, colleagues, teachers from neighbouring schools)
    • the aims and objectives of the workshop or service
    • the preferred dates and the duration of the event

    Student workshops

    We frequently organise workshops for students in schools. These workshop tend to focus on the exam components for the IB Diploma. They are often led by experienced examiners who can offer tips and tricks on how to score well on External or Internal Assessment.