• Workshop leader

    Workshop leader

    David Spooner has taught IB Philosophy, as well as ToK, since 1999, in a variety of countries including the UK, Spain, Finland, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan and Italy. He has been an IB workshop leader since 2004, and has a range of examining experience. He was also part of the Philosophy Curriculum Review team responsible for the 2016 Philosophy Guide. In addition to this, he is an IB Verification Visitor and Consultant for schools wishing to adopt the IB Diploma. He is a proud graduate of the Universities of Wales and the UNED in Spain, and when he is not indulging his passions of travelling, rock-climbing, hiking, photography or lying on a beach doing nothing, enjoys teaching. As he says: "There’s nothing quite like it!"

    Praise for David

    "David did a great job of breaking each section of the IB exam down, and then providing personal, experiential tips for approaching the new holistic grading scale." - Anonymous

    "David is very knowledgeable, and his presentation skills are excellent!" - Anonymous

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