• Workshop leader

    Workshop leader

    Christos Halkiopoulos holds degrees in general and applied psychology (both graduate and postgraduate) from the University of London (UCL and Birkbeck College). Since 2003 he has taught IB Psychology at St Clare's (Oxford) where he also taught TOK for over a decade. Christos has co-authored the IB Psychology textbook published by Pearson and is now writing for the second edition of this book to address the new psychology curriculum. Christos helped shape this Curriculum as a member of the Curriculum Review team and is now busy delivering Category 1, 2 and Category 3 (Subject Specific Seminars) workshops on it to psychology teachers in the UK and abroad. As a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Christos is passionate about enhancing the scholarly credentials of IB psychology and its teaching in ways which are vibrant and up-to-date and help students attain the highest grades possible. As an Organisational Psychologist and BPS-Registered Coaching Psychologist he delights in helping employees and students with issues relevant to well-being and motivation. Christos holds both Greek and UK nationalities and his hobbies include art history, guitar playing, long walks …and doing absolutely nothing.​

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