• Philpot Meetings

    Philpot Meetings

    Philpot Meetings are independently organised without the IB's involvement. This means that we are able to lower the participation fee to only €499 per person (no transferring of a licensing fee per participant to the IB). The quality of the Philpot Meetings is outstanding with the best leaders and authors in the field. At Philpot Meetings you can expect loads of refreshing resources, classroom ideas, and time to discuss with colleagues from other schools.

    Training on the new Language guides

    Join us during two engaging days of indispensable hands-on training on the new language guides, with great trainers and their great resources. 

    Note to Italian and Dutch teachers: This will be the only chance for Italian/Dutch teachers to attend a workshop in their language, as the IB no longer supports language-specific workshops (other than those in English, French and Spanish).

    CUP English B coursebookEnglish B - New Guide Event

    8-9 November 2018
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    English B Meeting >  
    Presenter: Brad Philpot (author of the English B coursebook)

    Please email linda@philpoteducation.com for more information.