• Philpot workshops

    Teacher workshops

    If you can't make it to our face-to-face workshops, we can come to you. Invite us into your school for a tailored workshop or we can set up a virtual training. Contact aafje@philpoteducation.com for details.

    Dutch A: Language & Literature

    25-26 October 2019 | Zaandam

    Workshop leader: Natasha Verberne
    Audience: IBDP Dutch A: Language & Literature teachers (new and experienced)

    This will be the only chance for Dutch teachers to attend a workshop in their language, as the IB no longer supports language-specific workshops (other than those in English, French and Spanish).

    Language & Literature / Literature workshop

    25-27 November 2019 | Chesières, Switzerland  

    Workshop leader: Brad Philpot
    Audience: IBDP Language A: Language & Literature teachers and Language A: Literature teachers (new and experienced)

    As the new guides for Language A: Language & Literature and Language A: Literature have a lot of overlap, this workshop has been combined. 

    English Language & Literature and the Learner Portfolio

    24-25 January 2020 | Zaandam 

    Workshop leaders: Brad Philpot and Bob Gembey
    Audience: IBDP English A: Language & Literature teachers (new and experienced)

    This invigorating Language & Literature workshop has a special focus on the Learner Portfolio.

    Our teacher workshops are independently organised without the IB's involvement. The quality of the our workshops is outstanding with the best leaders and authors in the field. At Philpot workshops you can expect loads of refreshing resources, classroom ideas and time to discuss with colleagues from other schools.

    Please email aafje@philpoteducation.com for more information.