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    Collaboration for Independent International Education

    Welcome CINDERs! 

    Welcome CINDIE educator (CINDER). If you're here, you're either working for CINDIE or interested in working for CINDIE. CINDERs are the people who make CINDIE possible. We are the leaders, consultants and authors who collaborate on resources and workshops. 

    The contents of this CINDER site are confidential. You can find the mission and vision statements, the CINDER-CINDIE agreement, the Application to be a CINDER form, a list of who we are, a list of the Support Sites in Progress and the CINDER Toolkit, which gives you access to the documents that you'll need.


    CINDER helpline

    Malcolm Nicolson, our Director, is your main point of contact. Feel free to mail him at info@cindi.education

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