Welcome to CINDIE! 
    Collaboration for Independent International Education

    Who is CINDIE?
    CINDIE, the Collaboration for Independent International Education, is a non-profit organisation (KvK No. 72768835, Zaanstad, Netherlands) established in September 2018 by a group of international educators who want to improve international education. CINDIE believes that the purpose of education is to develop balanced, compassionate and active global citizens, who aim to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

    CINDIE supports schools in embedding the values, attitudes, skills and expertise that are needed for achieving this purpose. CINDIE helps schools work together, regardless of their affiliations or means.  

    What does CINDIE offer?
    CINDIE enables schools to deliver high impact curriculum by organising events, workshops and consultancy and developing online teaching materials. We work with the best international educators in the field. 

    If you are interested in our organisation's services or if you would like to become a CINDIE Educator (CINDER) please send an email to CINDIE's director Malcolm Nicolson at info@cindi.education 

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