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    IBDP Biology Support Site

    Biology Support Site for the IB Diploma Programme

    Biology for the Diploma Programme is an academically rigorous course, but it is accessible to students with little background knowledge in the life sciences. This site will support your students' conceptual understanding using concise terminology, and illustrative diagrams. It also provides step-by-step instructions for all of the prescribed practical activities, and supports students with practical tips for developing the skills required for the external and internal assessments.

    Each topic in the IBDP Biology syllabus is covered in one chapter on this support site. Topics 1-6 are required for both Standard Level and Higher Level students. Topics 7-11 are Additional Higher Level (AHL) topics for students in the HL program only. In addition to the Core and AHL topics, there are four Option Topics (A-D). Students in both the SL and HL programs are required to complete one of the four option topics.

    Beta version - free

    This Biology Support Site is very close to being finished. We are still tweaking things here and there until it's perfect. For now you and your students can temporarily access this online resource for free. We are curious to hear what you think!


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