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    English A: Language and Literature Support Site

    The English A: Language and Literature course for the Diploma Programme invites you to explore the Anglophone world by studying a range of literary and non-literary texts. The course aims to help you develop communication skills and an appreciation for language and literature. It meets the Group 1 requirement for the Diploma Programme and is intended for students of 16-19 years of age, as a pre-university course. Find out more about the course in the Guide.

    NEWS: Workshop on the new guide!

    On 15-16 March 2019 we will organise a two-day workshop completely on the new English: A Language and Literature guide in Amsterdam. 

    Facilitator Brad Philpot has an abundance of information and great resources to share so you can hit the ground running when the first teaching starts in September 2019. 

    We would advise you to register early as there is a limited number of seats available. 

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