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    «Imparate una nuova lingua e avrete una nuova anima».
    (Proverbio ceco)

    The Italian B course for the Diploma programme invites you to explore the Italian speaking world and language by a thematic approach which covers a broad range of topics and literary texts for higher lever. Through the themes the IB learner will sharpen previously acquired language skills, develop intercultural understanding and reach operational proficiency in Italian while connecting to the Core of the DP programme.

    The Italian B Support Site meets the Group 2 requirements  of the DP and is intended for students aged 16-19, as a pre-university course.

    A two-year individual subscription to the full content is €40 for teachers / €30 for students. Register >

    Language B workshop on the new guide in Brussels, 22-23 February 2019

    Join Brad Philpot for a hands-on 2-day workshop with a complete focus on the changes to the new Language B guide, for new and experienced teachers of all languages. Only €399 per participant. For more information and registration, please visit the dedicated webpage here >>

    Italiano B Nuova Guida – Temi e argomenti

    Scarica qui in formato Word o PDF la Scheda per riorganizzare gli argomenti del Support Site di Italiano secondo il Syllabus della Nuova Guida. Al momento stiamo preparando nuovi contenuti per questo sito. 

    4  NUOVI CAPITOLI  DISPONIBILI ! Per chi è già iscritto o per chi rinnova la sottoscrizione, sono ora disponibili i capitoli introduttivi e quelli relativi alla nuova Valutazione per l' esame del 2020.

    Italiano B New Guide - Indice

    1 Identità  
    2 Esperienze  
    3 Ingegno umano       
    4 Organizzazioni sociali  
    5 Condividere il pianeta 
    9 Tipologie di testo 

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    About the Author

    Barbara Rosato has been teaching Italian B, Italian ab initio, Italian A Literature and Theory of Knowledge at Marymount International School of Rome since 1997... find out more >

    Riorganizzazione Support Site Italiano B

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