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    Français B Support Site

    « Fluctuat nec mergitur » est le motto de la ville de Paris : « elle est battue par les flots mais elle ne sombre pas ». Notre hommage aux temps qui courent, à une langue qui ne sombre pas et semble renaître et revivre dans les auteurs d’expression Française.

    The Language B course for the Diploma programme invites you to explore the French speaking world and language by a thematic approach which covers a broad range of topics and literary texts for higher lever. Through the themes the IB learner will sharpen previously acquired language skills, develop intercultural understanding and reach operational proficiency in French while connecting to the Core of the DP programme. The French B support site meets the Group 2 requirements of the DP and is intended for students aged 16-19, as a pre-university course. Find out more about the course in the Guide.

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