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    Design technology

    Andrew Watson Ian Ellston worked initially for the MOD(N) Ministry of Defence (Navy) in the UK, but a passion for skiing and teaching skiing took him into education. He studied Design and Technology and education at The College of St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth (Exeter University). His career has been wide and varied with comprehensive, grammar and boarding schools in the UK and international schools in Thailand and the UAE.  Besides teaching Design and Technology in the DP Programme, has has fulfilled several roles such as CAS Coordinator and Head of Department. He has had a range of examining experience. Away from school, he enjoys the theatre and skiing. He is involved with various charitable organisations including masonry and the Livery Companies of The City of London.
    Andrew Watson Tim Weston is Head of Department at Oakham School in the UK. He is a Senior Moderator of IB DT IA and has been involved in the curriculum review for both the current and previous subject guides. He has contributed to writing of examination papers and has over 13 years of experience leading workshops. He is an ISI schools inspector, has contributed resources -' Introducing the IB Diploma Programme' , 'Creative Schools' website and 'Audi Design Foundation'. He is a member of the DATA secondary working group and achieved the IED prize for Outstanding Contribution to Post 16 Education in 2006..

    Praise for Ian

    "I feel reassured about the IBDP after this workshop. Ian has given me clear direction so I can teach my students more effectively." - Andy Eckton, Brentwood School, UK