• History


    Andy Dailey is Director of Albanian College in Durres and Tirana, Albania. He has taught IB History at American International School and at New Cairo British International School, both in Egypt and MYP Individuals and Societies at International Academy Amman. He has recently served on the IB History Curriculum Review Committee and has led History workshops in the IBAEM region since 2006. Andy is the Series Editor of Hodder Education’s Access to History of the IB and is author of Move to Global War and co-author of Causes and Practices of 20th Century Warfare and Peacemaking, Peacekeeping in the same series. Andy has a degree in History from Vanderbilt University in the US, has been a consultant for the History Channel and is a workshop leader for Creativity, Activity and Service in the IBAEM region. 

    Praise for Andy

    "He was sensitive to the questions being raised, and he allowed time for discussion, without ever letting the overall workshop get off schedule. He also was very willing to hear a variety of views, even when he disagreed with them." - Anonymous

    "I left feeling very confident that I'd obtained all the information and guidance I'd come for, and then some." - Anonymous