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    John RoyceSue Austin works as an independent consultant based in London, after having lived and worked in the UK, other parts of Europe and Africa. She is an experienced IBDP CAS Coordinator and teacher of French B, Italian B and TOK. Since 2003 she has led IB-approved workshops for Administrators, DP Coordinators and Ab Initio languages, as well as acting as the Programme Field Representative at several events. Since 2009 she has been a TOK examiner. Her long-standing service on the IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA) steering committee has included promotion of the IB programmes to universities. Previous posts include running one of the largest IB Diploma Programmes in the UK, overseeing its move to an exclusively IB sixth form and implementing the Diploma Programme in a Muslim school. Through personal experience with state and private schools in the UK, she has acquired detailed knowledge and understanding of the requirements for authorization and implementation of the IB Diploma Programme. Recent IB Educator Network roles for Schools Services include: team leader for evaluation and verification visits, IB Consultant (working currently with schools in the UK and Russia) and School Services Lead Educator.

    Dr. Mimma Congedo has taught IB Italian A and B since 2003 at the International School of Milan. In 2010 she became Counselor for Italian Universities and was appointed Italian A Curriculum Leader in 2014. She has IB training and collaborates with IBO in different capacities. She holds Masters in Teaching and Promotion of Italian and in Philosophy (Milan University). She also holds Teaching Qualification in Humanities (Milan University) and Doctorate in Indian Studies (Turin University). Besides teaching the IB pre-University courses, since 2003 she has collaborated with various Universities and Research Centers – in Italy and abroad – both as researcher and lecturer. Her main research field and publications concern aesthetics and comparativism (in a philosophical and literary perspective), with a special focus on the Indian tradition. 

    Fabio Boccuni has taught IB Italian A,B and Ab Initio since 2008 at St. Stephen's, Rome (Italy). He has also taught TOK in the same school since 2009. He has been Chair of the Modern Languages department since 2010. He has been teaching Italian A: Language and Literature since its creation. He has supervised Extended Essays in both Italian A and B. He holds a Master's degree in International Education from Endicott College and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Rome 3. His interest in global politics has brought him to supervise the MUN club at St Stephen's since 2008.

    Raniero Bei has taught IB Italian A and B since 2002 at St. George’s British International School in Rome. He has been Head of Italian A department since 2008. He is also a TOK teacher and fulfils the roles of CAS coordinator and Head of TOK. He has been an examiner of Italian A: Literature since 2012 (Moderation of IA) and principal examiner of Paper 2 since 2015. He holds a Master in Education (Oxford Brookes Univerisity, 2009) with a dissertation on the development of the teaching and learning of Italian A and Italian identity in a British International School, and a degree in Languages and Literature (University of Rome). He is a published poet and a semi-professional jazz piano player.

    Alessandra Symons has a degree in Physics (Univ. Milan, Italy), an MSc in Engineering (Bristol) and a PGCE (Greenwich). After a number of years working as a scientist in Industry and Academia, Alessandra moved into teaching. She has a range of expertise related to the Ab Initio course. She runs IB-authorised workshops for Ab Initio teachers, she has experience in assessment being an Examiner for paper1 and paper 2. She has also been involved in the review of the Written Assignment and in Development meetings for the new Ab Initio syllabus. She has been teaching Italian at Sevenoaks School for several years.


    Praise for Mimma

    "Mimma is both friendly and firm (when there were misunderstandings about the assessment criteria). She encouraged discussion and allowed participants to share their views. She has a very good understanding of the philosophy underpinning the programme (ToK, learner profile, etc.) There was a good choice of samples of work, and an excellent use of Dropbox for sharing materials !" - Anonymous

    Praise for Fabio

    "Fabio is patient, clear, organized, competent! He was able to answer our questions effectively." - Anonymous

    "He helped me see the links between Lang and Lit and TOK" - Anonymous

    Praise for Raniero

    "I appreciated his mastery of the subject matter, his openness and his ability to provide excellent opportunities for reflection" - Anonymous