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    Richard WadeRichard Wade holds graduate and postgraduate degrees from Liverpool and Leeds Universities with almost 20 years teaching experience at international schools in Spain, France and The UK. He has been teaching the IB Diploma at all levels since 2001 when he was drawn to France to work at The International School of Toulouse, the first laptop school in Europe. A practicing teacher, Richard enjoys embracing the use of technology in his classroom. His commitment to developing rich ideas, activities and resources to promote mathematical thinking and engagement has led to the creation of www.teachmathematics.net. An experienced workshop leader, he has led workshops for the IBDP, as well as for engaging learners and integrating technology into the mathematics classroom.

    Jim Noble is the Head of Mathematics at the International School of Toulouse (IST), where he teaches students from 11 to 18 years old at all levels of Mathematics. Jim has an undergraduate degree from Exeter University, and postgraduate qualifications from Nottingham and Oxford Universities, the latter based on the use of context in Mathematics teaching. Jim has been teaching for 17 years and has become a specialist in the teaching of Maths Studies, enjoying the spirit of 'Mathematics for All' that this IB course embodies. Along with many years of experience leading workshops, Jim is the author of the website for teachers of an IB Mathematical Studies as well as being co-author of Teach Maths, a site designed to share resources that promote mathematical thinking.

    Oliver BowlesOliver Bowles is an experienced workshop leader having led workshops in Austria, Italy, France and the UK, including leading a five day workshop for teachers on “Inquiry Based Learning” in Zimbabwe. His interest in designing mathematically rich and engaging activities has lead to the creation of Teach Maths. A French/British national with graduate and postgraduate degrees from Bristol and Cambridge University, Oliver is interested in the variety of approaches to mathematics education that each country offers. Teaching in a one-to-one programme school, he is following with interest the evolution of the computer-based mathematics movement. He has a range of examining experience.

    Praise for Richard

    "Richard demonstrates clearly and presents very well. He has strong and thorough subject knowledge." - Anonymous

    "Richard and Oliver's knowledge was very impressive. They kept the pace fast and interesting. They answered questions very well and did not let irrelivant questions take too much time. They are very entertaining!" - Anonymous

    Praise for Jim

    "Jim sees Maths Studies through the students' eyes. He knows how to make maths fun through games and hand-on activities. I can't wait to try these ideas on my own students." - Anonymous

    Praise for Oliver

    "Oliver was enthusiastic. He showed us good use of technology, and he made connections to TOK."