• Physics


    Stavros Melachroinos studied Physics at University of Athens and completed his MSc in Mathematics and Science Education Research at the University of Amsterdam. Stavros has been in science education since 1995 and in IB education since 1998. He is currently the MYP coordinator at the Amsterdam International Community School in The Netherlands, where he has been teaching MYP and DP physics since 2003. Stavros has gained a wide range of experience in curriculum development and assessment through his roles as an IB curriculum review committee member, assistant examiner, moderator and workshop leader.

    Praise for Stavros

    "Stavros had a wealth of knowledge and advice for everyone present. At the same time he spoke to us as equals and was eager to learn from us!" - Anonymous

    "Stavros is experienced, approachable and patient. Most important was an excellent listener." - Anonymous

    "He was a very good workshop leader and I would definitely attend a workshop again if I new that he was the leader." - Anonymous