• Spanish B

    Spanish B

    Emilia CarilloEmilia Carrillo is originally from Colombia, where she received a Bachelors Degree as an Industrial Engineer. She moved on to teaching Spanish in 2005 in various international schools (Belgium, Jordan, Ukraine, Uganda). In 2010 she started teaching IB Spanish online with Pamoja Education, where she has been involved in writing the Spanish courses and is currently the Head of World Languages. Emilia holds a Masters of Project Management and is a certified ‘Spanish as a second language’ teacher from the University of Barcelona. She has written Spanish teaching materials for US based companies. Emilia has a range of Spanish examining and workshop facilitation experience. She is a believer in the power of global education and global collaboration. Therefore, you will find her online sharing and collaborating with language teachers around the world through the use of social media and her own website www.Spanish4Teachers.org