• Chemistry


    Dave Allen

    Dave Allen taught IB Chemistry at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore for eight years from August 2000 – July 2008. At IB level he also taught TOK and the school based syllabus Science and Technology in Society (STS).  He has been an IA moderator since 2005 and has marked HL and SL paper 2 or 3 since 2007. He has run numerous face to face workshops in Asia and Europe. He has also run a number of online workshops aimed specifically at ‘Internal Assessment’ and ‘Teaching IB Chemistry [old syllabus]’. In March 2014 he started delivering category 2 workshops for the latest version of the Chemistry course (first examination 2016). Dave repatriated in August 2008 and now works at Canford School in Dorset where he teaches Chemistry and is Director of Community Service as well as PSHE coordinator. He is also a tutor in one of the schools boarding houses and second in charge of the Chemistry department.

    Stuart BondStuart Bond has been teaching IB Chemistry and ToK for over twenty years and moderating for about 17. He has been Principal Moderator for Chemistry IA since 2005 and has been involved in the last two curriculum review cycles in IA. So Chemistry IA is most definitely his thing! Stuart has now led over forty IBO recognised workshops for teachers or examiners, both online and face-to-face, with Focus on IA being his favourite. His life has been in Greece for the last twenty five years and it is most definitely home. Two of his children finished the IB and are now working in his native UK while he and his wife intend to weather the storm in Greece!

    Nick Lee is a long-term IB practitioner, having at various times been Head of Science, Director of Studies and DP Coordinator at on of UK's most experienced IB schools, as assessor for TOK, a workshop leader for DP coordination and administrators, an examiner, team leader, principal examiner and workshop leader for Chemistry, and various other IBEN roles. Recent experience includes working half time at IBSCA/IBAEM University Liaison Officer, and a post as the joint DP Coordinator at Westminster Academy in London. He is currently working as an independent consultant.

    Erwin Ten Meer, originally from the island paradise Curacao, has been teaching, coaching and giving workshops for most of his life, ever since he became an assistant trainer of an in-line skating group at the age of 12.  A self-described compulsive educator and ‘third-culture kid’, he has found his home in IB education: he currently works at the International School of Groningen as a chemistry teacher (IB & MYP), head of the science department and educational leader for concept-based learning. He earned his master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Groningen, specializing in Environmental Sciences and Cross-Cultural knowledge transfer. He also holds master’s degree in Educational Sciences and a  minor in Psychology. In addition to his work as an IB educator he works for the European Schoolnet as the Scientix Ambassador for the Netherlands. Guided by his motto “A good teacher is first a good student”, Erwin spends his time developing ways to bridge the divide between the classroom and the everyday experience of students and continually experiments with ways to integrating educational games, the use of smart phones, and story based teaching into his lessons.

    Praise for Dave

    "Dave has a lot of good resources and experience which guided us effectively. Contacting us prior to meeting was very helpful as was the group folder, which I have used multiple times since the workshop. I look forward to building on it." - Anonymous

    "Dave is very friendly. He listened to workshop participants, invited participants to contribute and was careful to acknowledge sources. He related appropriate examples and was patient with us while maintaining the workshop momentum." - Anonymous

    Praise for Erwin

    "Erwin is easily approachable, has good language skills, and takes others' ideas into consideration. He knew the material and was really an IB chemistry teacher, not just a chemistry teacher who works in an IB school." - Anonymous