• Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

    Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

    John Cannings is an Australian who has taught in Australia, the UK and Switzerland. He has been a CAS Coordinator between 1994 and 2013 at the Intercommunity School in Zurich, where he also taught TOK and IB Geography. In addition he has also been a Diploma, TOK and Extended Essay Coordinator.  He has Bachelor’s degrees in Arts and Education and a Masters degree in Arts from Bath University in the UK. Since 2001 he has been writing and delivering workshops (face to face and online) in CAS, Geography, TOK and CAS and Improving performance in the core in Europe and the US. IBAEM also has given him the responsibility of monitoring CAS school records since 2007.  He has also co-authored two books on CAS and is a member of Duke University’s Service Learning in International Education Board. Currently, he is a senior examiner for Geography at IBDP level and was recognised for his work by the Royal Geographical Society with the status of Chartered Geographer.

    Praise for John

    "John was excellent. He shared his expertise and allowed others to share their expertise!" - Dean Glorioso, International School of Florence.

    "John was very clear. He identified the ability of the group and tailored much of the workshop to all our needs." - Anonymous

    Andrew WatsonAndrew Watson is an artist, teacher, journalist and latterly London marathon runner, who has worked in four continents. He entered international education initially as Head of Visual Arts and CAS Coordinator, later as a workshop leader in Visual Arts, the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and CAS. In Asia he combined his roles as IB Diploma Coordinator and later as a Management Consultant for a group of international schools with work as a television and print journalist. In 2009 Andrew was recruited by the International Baccalaureate as Associate Regional Manager for the Diploma Programme in Africa, Europe and the Middle East with whom he continues to work extensively in a number of areas, through his company Plommer Watson Associates. Andrew also works extensively for the United World College movement. He is an alumnus of William & Mary College, Virginia, USA (soccer scholarship), Cambridge University (a football “Blue”), Chelsea College of Art and Oxford Brookes University. He has developed a long standing commitment to the Esther Benjamin’s Trust (EBT) the leading UK registered charity that works exclusively for disadvantaged and stigmatised Nepalese children and young people.

    Book by John

    Praise for Andrew

    "He was thoughtful, well prepared, flexible and Andrew tried to accommodate the needs of all delegates." - Paul Becker-Hounslow, International School of the Hannover Region, Germany

    "Andrew is friendly, erudite and directs the activities of the group brilliantly" - Ene Tannberg, Miina Härma Gümnaasium