• DP Coordination

    DP Coordination

    Sue Austin

    Sue Austin works as an independent consultant based in London, after having lived and worked in the UK, other parts of Europe and Africa. She is an experienced IBDP CAS Coordinator and teacher of French B, Italian B and TOK. Since 2003 she has led IB-approved workshops for Administrators, DP Coordinators and Ab Initio languages, as well as acting as the Programme Field Representative at several events. Since 2009 she has been a TOK examiner. Her long-standing service on the IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA) steering committee has included promotion of the IB programmes to universities. Previous posts include running one of the largest IB Diploma Programmes in the UK, overseeing its move to an exclusively IB sixth form and implementing the Diploma Programme in a Muslim school. Through personal experience with state and private schools in the UK, she has acquired detailed knowledge and understanding of the requirements for authorization and implementation of the IB Diploma Programme. Recent IB Educator Network roles for Schools Services include: team leader for evaluation and verification visits, IB Consultant (working currently with schools in the UK and Russia) and School Services Lead Educator. 

    Roz Trudgon

    Roz Trudgon is the Training Officer for the IB Schools and Colleges Association. She has been working with the IB since 1998, initially as a teacher of DP English A1 then, and as a TOK and Extended Essay Coordinator before becoming a Diploma Programme Coordinator. In addition to being an IB workshop leader, she is also a DP consultant, verification visitor and the IBCC AEM Associate Regional Manager. She has a range of examining experience.

    Roz Trudgon

    Morag Makey is an Antipodean who has lived and worked in Australia, NZ, the UK, Switzerland and Spain, in a variety of teaching and leadership roles. She has been teaching English B, Psychology and TOK and co-ordinating the Extended Essay and the IB Diploma Programme since 2008 and has IBEN accreditation for IB workshops and school verification and evaluation visits.  Morag has overseen the implementation of the first cohort of the IB in several different contexts and understands well the challenges of new programmes and courses.  Her passion lies in supporting students, families and teachers to transition successfully through the IBDP.  She is currently completing a Masters in Adolescent Mental Health and  spending as much time as possible on the Costa Brava, just north of her home in Barcelona.

    Praise for Sue

    "She was very knowledgeable did a great job to get all participants involved in discussions. She created an excellent atmosphere of collegiality that promoted the exchange of ideas and information among all participants. She was very well prepared and paid attention to everyone, while keeping the entire session on pace." - Anonymous

    "I feel very lucky to have had Sue as my workshop leader." - Anonymous

    "Sue facilitated the group discussions and engaged all participants in feedback and presentations. Her workbook was excellent and she shared a lot of resources with us on dropbox. No questions were left unanswered, and no participant was left unattended." - Anonymous