1.2 Interdisciplinary essays

1.2.1 Literature and performance

Essays on literature and performance should offer a critical analysis of an adaption or performance of a written text. 'Written texts' may include novels, poems, stories, essays, articles or play scripts (to name a few). 'Performances' may include film, theatrical performances, televised series, or even computer games. It is recommended that literature and performance essays explore the contexts in which written works are conceived and performances are received. It is also recommended that you explore the author's purpose in commenting on a particular topic or theme. 

Sample research questions:

  • How does John Boorman's feature film, In My Country, explore Antje Krog's depiction of reconciliation in post-Apartheid South Africa from her memoir, Country of My Skull?
  • How has Jonathan Saffron Foer's use of diction in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close been adapted for film by Stephen Daldry, so as to express the thoughts and feeling of the main character, Oskar?
Image 1.2.1a - How is the text staged?
Every good Literature and Performance essay seems to ask: 'How is the author's intention in Text X realised through Performance Y using Technique Z?'