Introduce yourself


Picture of Nathalie Vignard
by Nathalie Vignard - Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 2:41 PM

Hi all,

Exams are over and before I start my IB marking, I thought I would introduce myself! I'm Nathalie (with an "h" because I am half French!) and I am currently the IBDP coordinator at the International School of Zambia. I also teach DP French and have worked in internationals schools in the UK, Kenya, Malawi, Switzerland and now Zambia.

I have managed to "stay away" from TOK until last year...despite having taught the Diploma for the past 14 years...Yes I know... And at the beginning of this academic year I found myself with a cohort of 28 students in IB1 for only one TOK teacher. So there was no point hiding anymore, I had to step in...or I should say I was asked to step in.

Fortunately I have an fantastic colleague who is an amazing TOK teacher. She has been very supportive and has been holding my hand on this journey so far...Having said that, I wasn't ecstatic to be thrown at the deep end just like that, and forget about the 2 to 3 periods a week added to my timetable! 

I have very much enjoyed looking at History as an Area of Knowledge because History is actually my background.

Anyway I am looking forward to the workshop and hope to feel less "out of my depth" by the end of it, particularly with Maths and Sciences. No pressure Shawn! 

Looking forward to meeting you all,